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Replacements are required more in this line of work than most other jobs because fire fighters have the opportunity to retire at an early age.

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The field fire fighting requires a high physical demand and various skills needed for this occupation. First you would need to be in good health, physical ability, strength and stamina.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (343) states that many people are attracted to fire fighting as a career because it challenges and gives people the chance to perform a public service.

The job opportunities are expected to increase more slowly than other jobs through 2010.

The article explains that once accepted to the fire academy, the training begins. Department of Labor web site states that after the classroom instruction an apprenticeship is required.

The training includes fire fighting techniques, emergency medical procedures and first aid (Bureau of Labor Statistics 342-343). The apprenticeship program includes hands-on training and awareness of fire fighting equipment; this can last up to five years.

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