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Scholarly sources which reside on the Internet and are also in print in a scholarly journal are not considered Internet sources.Many scholarly journals either do not publish on the Internet or have membership only access to journals online.Your supporting sub-topics should address these issues: How will this knowledge advance science or technology or society - not in broad, abstract ways, but in concrete ways? A paper which is just a string of quotes shows that the author made no attempt to come to grips with the subject and is relying on the sources to speak for her or him.Conclusion: Your conclusion should make some "wrap up" statements about what you learned about your chosen topic and the possible impact of your findings on people and perhaps society in general.[You will need to go to a library to do this assignment.

Don't be reluctant to address any issues that aren't easily resolved or have negative or ambiguous outcomes.State your thesis in the form of a sentence or two. Your thesis should be a brief statement, in your own words, that points out the major issues about this topic that you discovered in your research.If you can't articulate in a sentence or two what your main point is then you probably don't have a good idea of what you will be writing about.What I am looking for is evidence that you can gather a body of knowledge on a particular subject, narrow it down to a particular focus and show that you can synthesize the information and make some intelligent, insightful observations about the subject.What I don 't want is just a regurgitation of information strung together.Attach a copy of the final proposal to the end of the final version of your research paper to be turned in with your portfolio). Research Paper: Your research paper must be your own work.Review the Honor Code and Plagiarism ( statement and the Copyright and the Internet ( guidelines.It may be more than one paragraph in length, but at some point, very early in the paper you then need to start the substance of the paper.Your thesis should come at the end of your introductory material.Body of Paper: Use subheadings, where appropriate, to separate different aspects of your paper which support your controlling idea (your thesis).The body of your paper should provide supporting evidence to support your thesis, in a logical, fully developed manner. For example, if you are a nursing major, you might summarize findings on various treatment options or recent research findings for a particular medical condition.

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