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On the impact side, Kevin is interested in the effects of technology in the classroom, the roll out of new wireless-based services, and incentives for using new systems.( Chuck Bazerman: Charles Bazerman, Professor and Chair of the Department of Education is interested in the social dynamics of writing, rhetorical theory, and the rhetoric of knowledge production and use.Within the study of social movements, she is interested in the impact of the Internet on protest and social movements and innovative forms of online protest, among other topics.( Alan Liu: Alan Liu is a Professor in the English Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara.He is currently editing the Handbook of Writing Research and is editor of the Reference Guides of Rhetoric and Composition.Bruce Bimber: Bruce Bimber is Director of the Center for Information Technology and Society and Professor in the departments of Political Science and Communication at UCSB.Kevin Almeroth: Kevin Almeroth is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science with appointments in the Media Arts and Technology (MAT) Program, the Computer Engineering (CE) Program, and the Technology Management Program (TMP).

Appealing to those with a broad interest in the area, this book will also act as a guide to the extensive literatures in the field for those wishing to go further: Technology is the key driver of business, may it be airports, ICT , smart governance, manufacturing or plantations.

In 2004, Liu published The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and the Culture of Information (Univ. Most recently, he has started the interdisciplinary research project titled Transliteracies: Research in the Technological, Social, and Cultural Practices of Online Reading, which in July 2005 received funding as a five-year UC Multi-Campus Research Group.

( Lisa Parks: Lisa Parks is an Associate Professor in the Department at Film and Media Studies at UC-Santa Barbara.

His research examines the relationship between evolving information technology and changes in human behavior, especially in the domains of political organization, collective action, social capital, and political deliberation.

He is author of Information and American Democracy: Technology in the Evolution of Political Power (Cambridge University Press, 2003), Campaigning Online: The Internet in U. Elections (Oxford University Press, 2003, with Richard Davis), and The Politics of Expertise in Congress: The Rise and Fall of the Office of Technology Assessment (SUNY Press, 1996).

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