Teacher On Special Assignment Educating Rita Change Essay

Does this position now fall under these new requirements and must we employ a certified teacher regardless?

No, if the duties of this “attendance reporting" position are not included in the definition of instructional support, and it `does not require a teaching certificate, it is not an instructional support position covered by these new rules.

We have teachers on special assignment (TOSAs) who work in our vocational program as work study coordinators and who hold an extension as a work study coordinator.

The position requires the creation of professional development as it relates to the subject area, the development of systems for sharing curriculum across the district, and the creation of model lessons for key subject areas.

The chart in Attachment A to this field guidance memo explains how individuals in these two major categories are affected.

If a teacher who previously spent a substantial portion of time performing instructional support services has since left employment in our district, are they covered by this action?

Are they entitled to any consideration for past service in terms of tenure and seniority?

Our school district has an “attendance reporting" position that does not require the expertise of a teacher with School Attendance Teacher certification.

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