Tattoo Shop Business Plan Hud Dissertation

Find an attorney who has the knowledge to help you navigate all of the laws which will certainly come up in your tattoo shop ownership.

If you can find one who has a love for the art form, even better.

However, it will require proper planning by you and some hard work and expense to open an establishment.

Do not be discouraged as many have come before you, but do take the time to investigate how best to go about your new adventure, and to plan for success.

Most, if not all, municipalities have land use and zoning ordinances that govern, control or limit where tattoo and body art establishments may be located within the town boundaries.

These ordinances may potentially restrict tattoo shops to a particular location in town, and consequently, there may be a high concentration of competition.

The very first thing you should consider is who you are going to hire as your attorney.In addition, New Jersey requires that an operator of a body art establishment to have at least 12 months experience in the operation of a tattooing facility.There are many other requirements that must be submitted to the State for review and approval, but that is not the purpose of this article.Unless you are purchasing a property to open your shop, chances are you will need to lease space and negotiate favorable terms with a landlord.There are potential perils in negotiating the wrong terms for a lease, as you may face liability to a landlord for rent if your shop fails.Furthermore, how you establish your business will be an important consideration.For example, you may want to form a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation (Inc.) to protect your personal assets from claims.As a tattoo or body piercing artist and during your career, you and your business may potentially face lawsuits resulting from such things as professional liability, employment issues, or premises liability.In this regard, you will want to acquire proper professional malpractice liability insurance, as well as comprehensive general liability insurance and all risk property damage insurance.The business tools you need to make your tattoo shop a success might be new, but your dreams are still the same. The focus was on building a stellar reputation, getting clients in the door and scoring a roster of talented artists – I doubt much has changed.What you didn’t factor in for was all the hours you’d spend trying to figure out: I’m here to give you the business tools that will help bring clients to your tattoo shop, bump up productivity and manage your work/life balance.

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