Synopsis For Dissertation

A well defined question will make a good protocol easier to write, enable to focus data collection and manipulation, and facilitate clearer conclusion.

Characteristic of good research question It should be interesting to you, to your guide, for the science and finally should have utility of the world.

Can you think of how many sections the wring will have to have to be able to answer the question you have set yourself? These bibliographical references MUST be set out as I have describe in class; Author, date, title and Publisher.

The also all must be annotated with a sentence or 2 about what the source is about and why it might be useful to you. [Graphic Timeline Map] In this section also write about: What, when, how and why you are going to do over the summer.

It is written as one paragraph that contains all the data in brief. The study shows that high level of stress is proved to correlate with bigger consumption of high-sugar and high-fat foods, especially among the women population.

Dissertation contributes in creation of new knowledge, it helps the candidate to develop scientific attitude, helps develop attitude o f critical reading.

This should be about 300 words and will be useful to look back on when you write your conclusion. Then write about how you going to find the information you require to make your research relevant, coherent and meaningful. [if you have not already done so in answering your lead question] 5.

Then write about how you think you might structure your dissertation/research? Then describe what sources are you going to use to gain your information?

It makes us write in a manner that demonstrates sound theoretical ration ale.

One can address to the issue if how to represent the need to utillise appropriate method for undertaking study.

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