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I’ve long been sustained by my sibling’s aesthetic, and specifically by the way our fashion senses overlapped even though I am emphatically queer and trans while Scott, a disillusioned but patriotic American who died in Wuhan last month, was seemingly less so.

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However, camp is even trickier to discuss than your average sensibility, she suggests, because of its connection to queer communities outside of the mainstream or mass public sphere.Camp belongs to these groups; it is an “esoteric” sensibility that deviates from traditional standards.“A private code.” Sontag acknowledges that to bring this “private” phenomenon to the attention of the 60s American public, putting it into circulation in an environment structured by the oppressive social norms that prompted the emergence of camp in the first place, constitutes another betrayal.Chicano critic Ramón García, for instance, has pointed out that the logic of camp, as articulated by Sontag, can potentially be used to justify appropriation and ignorance of other cultures.The way that camp, in this formulation, moves the consumer to dismiss conventional standards of judgment and questions of content in order to pursue pleasure can also lead to questionable habits of consumption because of its emphasis on individual experience and inclination.Every year, the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City selects a theme around which to base its annual exhibition.And each year, that exhibition is kicked off with a huge fundraiser, the Met Gala.But we thought it would be good to hear from scholars with interests in aesthetics and camp.Keep reading to learn more about the history of camp For me, the most surprising thing about the Met’s decision to take up camp as the theme for this year’s gala was the fact that they hadn’t done it before.Most seemed to feel that, due to Sontag’s initial ‘betrayal,’ camp has long been a fixture of mainstream American culture. It seems to me that we have a lot left to learn from and about this complex sensibility; camp’s renewed prominence (as evidenced by the many, many explanatory pieces on the subject currently floating around the web) shows us something we may have previously overlooked.Consequently, these students argued, no one can be accused of ‘betraying’ camp anymore—the ‘private’ nature of the sensibility has been lost. Not only can the camp sensibility be betrayed, but it can also betray those who wish to use it as a political tool.

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