Surrealism Salvador Dali Essay

Surrealist art went beyond writing or painting objects as they looked at reality.

Their art showed objects in distorted forms, colors, and movements, like in a dream.

According to Breton, Dalí had reduced Surrealism to popular entertainment.

It is undeniable that Dalí courted a mass market for his works.

The celebrity culture that has developed around contemporary art owes much to Dalí’s humour, visual wit and cult of personality.First exhibited at Dalí’s solo exhibition at the Goemans Gallery in Paris in 1929, for 36 years it was a menacing presence in the consulting rooms of a Zürich psychiatrist, until its sale by Christie’s in 1982.Making one’s dreams public can, however, be a dangerous thing.Telephone frappé, mint-colored telephone, aphrodisiac telephone, lobster-telephone, telephone sheathed in sable for the boudoirs of sirens with fingernails protected with ermine, Edgar Allan Poe telephone with a dead rat concealed within …The Lobster Telephone was not the only household item that Dalí produced.As the familiar face of the longest-running art movement of the 20th century – Surrealism – Dalí was well aware of the power of his public persona.From his finely groomed moustaches to his public appearances with his pet ocelot, Babou, he cultivated an image that was instantly recognised in the worlds of art, entertainment and advertising.Despite Breton’s concerns about the merger of art and entertainment, it was Dalí who shaped Surrealism’s enduring visual presence.Salvador Dali: Vision of Hell Surrealism was the 20th century phase in art and literature of expressing subconscious in images without order or coherence, as in a dream.Dalí’s wife, Russian-born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova (known as Gala), was a crucial partner in her husband’s success.Contributing to recent scholarship that showcases the active role of women in Surrealism, an exhibition at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya reveals that Gala was more than a muse or model.

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