Surrealism Salvador Dali Essay

His Lobster Telephone (1936) epitomised the chance collision of objects from different realms.

Audiences could imagine cradling the lobster in the palms of their hands and speaking into its tail, the crunchy texture of the exoskeleton interrupting the seamlessness of everyday experience.

Dalí’s wife, Russian-born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova (known as Gala), was a crucial partner in her husband’s success.

Contributing to recent scholarship that showcases the active role of women in Surrealism, an exhibition at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya reveals that Gala was more than a muse or model.

By the time film director Alfred Hitchcock commissioned the artist to create a dreamscape for the finale of Spellbound in 1945, melting clocks, burning giraffes, and landscapes of repressed desires were a familiar visual repertoire of psychic life.An early painting, The Enigma of Desire, My Mother, My Mother, My Mother (1929) is an erotic dream work indebted to Freudian psychology.The artist’s mother is portrayed as a monumental rock with the words “Ma mère” etched into caverns on its surface.When Dalí produced a painting titled The Enigma of Hitler in 1939, even his Surrealist colleagues were troubled.Featuring a portrait of Hitler on a tiny postage stamp beneath a dripping telephone (once again with echoes of lobster claws), the work was hardly a celebration of the fascist leader.Nevertheless, Dalí’s admission of a “pathological” fascination with Hitler prompted Breton and other members of the Surrealist group to sever ties to their colleague.Dalí’s political failings were not the only reason for this falling out.Telephone frappé, mint-colored telephone, aphrodisiac telephone, lobster-telephone, telephone sheathed in sable for the boudoirs of sirens with fingernails protected with ermine, Edgar Allan Poe telephone with a dead rat concealed within …The Lobster Telephone was not the only household item that Dalí produced.She produced works in her own right, negotiated with art dealers, edited Dalí’s writings, and contributed to her husband’s creative output with works co-signed “Gala-Salvador Dalí”.It has been suggested that Gala used tarot cards to predict Dalí’s future.

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