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For others it’s a later-in-life hobby that’s now a passion.Anyway you look at it, surfing, even in Cape May, is nothing short of a religion for its most ardent followers.People build their lives around surfing, and Cape Mayans, being so connected to the sea, are no exception. “The first time you stand up on a board you think you’re a surfer until you realize you know nothing.The first time is thrilling but there’s so much nuance.

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They call it “the stoke.” It’s got to be some kind of chemical thing in the brain that grabs hold of a person and bends the brain patterns so that there is nothing more important than the right combination of wind, sea, and tide. There never seemed to be any doubt she’d be back in the water.They wait until the time of the greatest Swell and then push forward with their Arms to keep on its top.It sends them in with a most astonishing Velocity – the great Art is to guide the Plank so as always to keep it in a proper Direction on the top of the Swell and direct it to avoid any Obstacles.When Jack London wrote in 1907, surfing’s reputation as “the sport of kings” was cemented.Even today Hawaii remains the spiritual center of the surfing universe.Everything he does revolves around the ocean; whether it is the ocean’s impact on us, or our impact on the ocean, Stephen seems tuned to an oceanic vibration.We talked about Cape May’s 50-year beach replenishment program, which pumps untold cubic yards of sand onto Cape May’s beaches to keep them from eroding. Even though he was a business major in college he wrote his research papers on surfing: the economics of surfing, the statistics of surfing, the Oedipus Rex syndrome of surfing (okay – maybe not that one).Maybe that’s not exactly how surfing was born in Cape May, but it sure makes a good story.As far as I can tell, surfing first hit the beaches of Cape May in the early 1960s. Trying to describe the impact of surfing on Cape May is like trying to describe the impact of baseball on America – it’s an incredibly broad topic.Many locals have built their lives around surfing, embracing careers that allow them the luxury of ditching work whenever the surf is pumping.For some, surfing defines their lives, chooses their friends for them and shapes the way they see the world.

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