Superb Thesis Statement Equitable Assignment

I’m calling you names, too, and my names are meaner.

This is not as hardcore an error as the previous two, but your paper is a paper, not a talk. Your paper may explore, examine, analyze, consider, evaluate, report, reflect, or a host of other things.

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If you decide to incorporate sources into your piece of writing, cite them to ensure that all rights are reserved.

Most teachers instruct what format or style to use. After reading this guide, you will become more confident in writing this type of academic paper, but it can still be a challenge.

Turns out, “ken” means “know” – and every time you would have used the word “know,” she used the word “ken.” Now I ken. Anyway, in all the myriad of word possibilities, I have found seven words you should never use in an academic paper. Technically you’re writing it to the research community.

Or file it away for a couple of years, for when you go back to school.

And they’ll think you’re less than intelligent if you address them as “you.” Are there exceptions to this? Since I teach for Christian universities, I like to blame the preachers for this because preachers frequently refer to themselves as “we.” Or when they teach/preach, they may say something like, “Today we’re going to look at some of the most beautiful words ever written – the 23 psalm.” In that setting, they’re correct.

Only one – when you’re quoting someone verbatim and they use it. Some more traditional styles also forbid the use of any kind of first person, which includes “we” and “I.” They do this sometimes to the point of absurdity, forcing people to refer to themselves as “the learner” or “the writer” or something. But when a student sends me a paper that refers to one author (namely themselves) as “we,” the penalty flags will start to fly. Unless you’re submitting a group project, never refer to yourself as more than one person.

APA papers are the exception that this rule – refer to yourself as “I” all you want. What I mean is, never refer to yourself as “we.” Seriously? Exception: If you presenting a group project of some sort, you may certainly refer to the group is “we” in an APA paper.

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