Summer Reading Assignments

Additionally students should complete the assignments with serious intent.

Students in certain AP courses should work through the assignments below by the first day of class in order to get a jump start on the curriculum outlined by the College Board.

Summer Reading Assignments-5Summer Reading Assignments-49

If you’re like many high school students this summer, you’re facing the task of reading at least one book as a summer reading assignment before heading back to school in the fall.

Let's promote a love of reading, but providing help and not expecting them to be used.

Steven Weber said, "We are hosting an in-school book swap and family book bingo night to make sure all students have books to read over the summer. Set up an Instagram account just to post books to and add that to the summer reading recs I put out every year to encourage interaction over the summer and keep ideas flowing.

Let's not forget that we don't want to promote a culture that starts students in a deficit.

After having a rich conversation on social media (Facebook and Twitter) about the need for mandatory summer assignments, there seems to be a consensus that mandatory summer assignments aren't a thing we should promote.

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