Sula Analysis Essay

A prevalent theme in Sula is the influence of family and friends on the characters.

The book focuses on two friends, Sula and Nel, but both have been shaped, and continue to be shaped, by their experiences with their families, particularly their mothers.

They had always shared the affection of other people: compared how a boy kissed, what line he used with one and then the other.

Marriage, apparently, had changed all that, but having had no intimate knowledge of marriage, having lived in a house with women who thought all men available, and selected from among them with a care only for their tastes, she was ill prepared for the possessiveness of the one person she felt close to.” P.

Women With very few exceptions, Morrison's female characters are fiercely independent and subvert the traditionally assigned roles of dutiful wife, mother, and daughter.

Ironically, after Sula's death, the old order of negativity returns; the townspeople resume their previous, unhealthy behavior.Their mothers, in turn, have been shaped by their own mothers, in a chain reaction passing through the generations.Eva, who has endured desperate and lonely poverty, is a strong, tough woman.For example, in 1927, at Nel's wedding celebration, the old people dance with the young people, and the church women drink the spiked punch.Nel's mother, the staid and conservative Helene Wright, is so calm and relaxed — from drinking — that she doesn't seem to mind the damage being done to her immaculate house by the revelers.For the first time in the novel, Nel is thinking just of herself when she lets loose this flood of emotions; this is something she has never done before.2)”She had no thought at all of causing Nel pain when she bedded down with Jude.They could not let that heart-smashing event pass unrecorded, unidentified.It was poisonous, unnatural to let the dead go with a mere whimpering, a slight murmur, a rose bouquet of good taste.Winters is a freelance writer and has written for a wide variety of educational publishers.In the following essay, she discusses mother-and-daughter relationships, and their effect on Sula and Nel's relationship, in Sula.

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