Submission Of Assignment Y Lin Masters Thesis

To add members to your roster, click on Add Students or Staff in the bottom right hand corner of the Roster page of your course.

A dialog will appear allowing you to add a single user or upload a CSV file to add many users at once.

Any user who is an instructor of any course, including our demo “Gradescope 101” course, can create new courses.

There is no course search functionality on Gradescope, and your course is not exposed to any search engine.

After you log in, click Authorize to authorize Gradescope to save your Canvas credentials.

If you ever want to un-link your Canvas account, you can do so by going to your Edit Account page, scrolling down to Linked Accounts, and clicking the Remove button next to the Canvas account.

Delete all assignments first, or email us if you’d like to delete a course in this situation.

Gradescope accounts will automatically be created for any members you add to your roster who do not yet have accounts.Once you’re back to the Link Canvas Course dialog, select your Canvas course from the dropdown menu and click Link Course. You can change the link or unlink the course at any time from the Course Settings page.Note that changing the link or unlinking a Canvas course will also unlink any linked assignments or students on the course roster.Only those who have been explicitly added to the course will be able to see it.Our help item on the course roster has more information on adding users to a course.Note that having separate columns for first and last names will make it possible to sort your roster alphabetically by last name.You can include extra columns such as : just press the button on the right of the column names and select the relevant column.To change coursewide settings, navigate to the course you wish to modify and click on Course Settings in the left sidebar.If you make any changes, be sure to click Update Course before navigating away from the page.If you let students know your course’s entry code, they will be able to add themselves to your course (see our help item on how students can add themselves to a course).Note that you can disable the option for students to self-enroll with the entry code from the Course Settings page.

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