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The Cambridge University Skills Portal provides information on the skills and behavioural attributes individuals might like to develop and lists training and development opportunities available across the University together with links to useful resources outside the University.University of Cambridge Study Skills helps students develop effective study skills.Note to graduates: Seminar 2 and 3 include content that has been specifically tailored to also meet the needs of graduate students.

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Course requirements: One or more typical exam papers from a previous year.

Course requirements: Title of a piece of academic writing, notes, pens and an A4 notepad.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students (save those reading Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Natural Sciences, Physical Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and Psychological & Behavioural Sciences).

Please arrive promptly to enable the timely commencement of each seminar.

If you are requested to bring along a specific item, such as an A4 notepad or examination paper, it will be noted below.

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