Stress Management Proposal Essays

Reducing stress may help the body recover faster, and may even keep a person healthier (Palmer).__________________________________________________________The brain, nerves, and central nervous system interpret stress in our lives.

Some factors effect the way people live and determine how stress is interpreted by their immune system, and what side affects stress will have.

If you’re not careful, working too hard and worrying too much can lead to “burnout” – when everything seems bleak and you have nothing left to give.

We believe with appropriate focus and following stress management tips for college students, you can be in much better shape. Forbes, “Stress occurs when your tension level exceeds your energy level, resulting in an overloaded feeling and as long as our available energy exceeds our tension level, then we’re in an okay state”. Walonick explains in his article that “short-term stress has served a useful purpose in our survival.

When you’re busy and tired it can be tempting just to grab another pizza or ready meal, but cooking from scratch can be therapeutic as well as being healthier.

Exercising once a week is a proven way to reduce students stress.

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Being a student can be a very an exciting time – with loads of new friends, clubs, courses and experiences with the new semester, there’s a lot to look forward to and enjoy; however, there can also be a lot of pressures with juggling part-time jobs, assignments and exams and essays.

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  1. ”Just because online classes are flexible with regard to time and place doesn’t mean that online students have all the hours in the day to commit to their classes. Online students have hundreds of other things going on in their lives that they need to think about.