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As a writer, defy the odds and become a third type of person—the listener waiting to record.Productive Procrastination: 7 Creative Activities to Distract Yourself from Writing Try something new!There’s a reason the story of Adam and Eve resonates. Peruse them and reflect on the circumstances of the pictures within. So, be a good listener as well as an expert observer.There are only two types of people in this world—people who talk and people who are waiting to talk.What’s the difference between a writing prompts, story starters and creative writing exercises?Well, many people use them interchangeably, but below are some more detailed definitions.

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He published his Persian letters anonymously from Amsterdam.(“Covfefe” comes to mind.) An entire mystery could be woven around an autocorrect text or a text mistakenly sent to the incorrect email. “He sent a photo of his genitalia to an old farmer’s old wife.” “Why? Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Now that’s a visual image which illustrates that once you’ve experienced the worst, things are bound to improve. Everything she reported of their conversation over lunch sounded mundane, humdrum, almost boring, until she said he asked, “Do you like sex?A lawyer friend on an exotic cruise before the days of cheap rates outside USA borders received an urgent text from a client who had been arrested. ” “He was drunk and hit the wrong key.” Yup, fear of snakes is the most common phobia among mankind, womankind and probably animal-kind. That can develop into a mystery, a tale of horror or a non-fiction humorous vignette. A quotation like this humorous one gets my cerebral juices pumping, and I tick back to all the worst days of my life and how things Crack open a photo album—the older the better. Facebook is now offering a service called Past Book where, for a fee, they’ll create a physical album of photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook along with what you wrote in that box labelled “What’s on your mind? ” Which of course made her story far more interesting.Pick a subject and brainstorm your unique roster of 10 à la David Letterman.Dredge up foreign words that are commonly used in English. Have you ever keyed one into a computer and found the machine corrected it to something other than your intention?Presently, I hope to interview a woodturner, a farm-to-table café owner and a factory owner who produces North Carolina barbecue. These 10 suggestions can aid you to solve that haunting dilemma of what to write. (BTW, in reading over my above essay one last time, I saw that the spelling check’s cyber gnomes impishly helped me out when my fast fingers must not have pressed the “m” firmly enough on “farm-to-table.” Jokesters as they are, they corrected my absent “m” by substituting a “t” at the end of “far” changing the intriguing “farm-to-table” café into the much less appetizing “fart-to-table” café. ) indie LAB is an interactive gatheevent for entrepreneurial authors, freelance writers and independent publishers seeking to develop a publishing strategy, build a platform, grow an audience and get paid for their work. Maybe the stories will be featured in print or, if not, maybe the info I glean will shape some character in some fictional plot. You wrack your brain, pulling, stretching, trying to extract an idea—one simple germ of a thought to get your writing adrenaline pumping—but nothing comes.Don’t despair or cop out with a “Writer’s Block” alibi, which is akin to “the dog ate my homework.” Instead, find some stimuli.But if I’m honest, real talk here, some of their story ideas can be a little bit immature, a little bit samey. * The strategy: don’t use story prompts; use story starters. Generally a prompt sets up who the main character is and what the setting is, it might also prompt the key event. As part of your daily writing, or perhaps as part of your creative writing unit, or as a Halloween special.Sometimes I feel like they are doing their own versions of some of ‘those’ films. Today, I am going to let you in on my strategy for pushing students towards originality in their own writing. It would read something like “a student is walking home late at night, they become afraid”. If you think these writing prompts are JUST what you need, then this is for you. In addition to these new story starters, each one comes with a page of planning, techniques and new vocabulary to help your students nail their spooky stories!

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