Steps In Problem Solving Process

Before you can solve the problem, you must truly understand what it is.

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Most of the time somebody else in the industry or from another sector attempted to address the same problem. When you have a good understanding look back at the problem, you formulated during the last stage and adjust it as you need. Go for quantity and create at least 20 different concepts. Compare your concepts against your identified problem. Put yourself into the shoes of different stakeholders. As in every stage before, if you don’t feel confident to answer those questions, you will need to go and find out. Put them together into a compelling story that will resonate with your audience.The moment when you jump represents the ideation moment, but there are a couple of crucial moments before and after. Make sure you know every detail that led to the when you climbed the dive platform’s stairs for the first time. The experience you can gather here will build the baseline for your solution.Talk to different stakeholders and get as much information as possible.If you wait until the end to gather information from stakeholders, you might need to start over. You will run into new questions, most likely about details and dependencies.The group problem-solving skills help us draw on the benefits of working as a team.Before we begin a discussion about the steps of the problem-solving model, we should talk a little about the philosophy that good problem solvers have about problems.After the best solution is implemented, the model leads the team to monitor the impact of its revisions to make sure that the problem is truly solved.The problem-solving model, introduced below, incorporates an effective set of skills into a step-by-step process.Keep in mind Each of the five steps uses a different mindset to clarify the problem and push your thinking to better solutions.The key is not to mix them up and keep focus during each step.

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