Stating A Hypothesis In A Research Paper

In this case, the hypothesis will be framed to determine the effects of these factors on the growth rate.A quantitative research method is the one that is based on measurement of variables.With a pool of talented subject matter experts, we are devoted to solving complex problems.We can help from Literature Review to Hypothesis testing.For example, let a primary study want to investigate the effects of organizational factors on job satisfaction of employees.Moreover, several organizational factors identified from the literature review are: The hypothesis, in this case, will test the effect of these factors on job satisfaction of employees.

There are several factors such as foreign direct investment (FDI), trade openness, exchange rate, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements among others that the literature identifies as related to export expansion.

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A deductive approach of research emphasizes causality and aims to test a theory with the help of a hypothesis.

Suppose one wants to examine the Economic theory of export-led growth.

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