State Farm Business Plan

" From what I read and hear, I am not the only one.The number of building policies affected is estimated to be between 800,000 and 950,000.Also I believe that its difficult (if not always) to switch career at the late age.Why do you want to abandon your existing business and sail into a completely different arena?Only Citizens Property Insurance Corporation insures more structures in Florida.Approximately 1.2 million total policies will be phased out by State Farm over two years.

When you finally get to the decision makers, there is usually some logic to why they do things despite disagreement from consumers or regulators.It will use all its power and propaganda to get what it wants regardless of whether it is in the best interests of policyholders, agents, employees and people in general.God bless Kevin Mc Carty and other strong leaders caring for us.It has a lot of power because it has an army of people it financially supports to carry out this mission.Corporations only exist because humans allow them to.Power is vested in State Farm because laws exist which allow fictitious, non-voting entities to contribute to politicians and lobby human leaders.State Farm is openly challenging our leaders at this very moment through its announcement.It uses shock and threatening actions against those not in agreement.Mc Carty should thoroughly investigate State Farm’s true agenda and strategic desires through his ability to analyze the removal plan.State Farm does not worry about God because, unlike the rest of us, it is never going to heaven or hell.I am a successful businessman who has been focused on the wireless industry exclusively for past 13 years.

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