Starting A Gym Business Plan Chalmers Master Thesis Planning Report

Include a picture or two, and make your flyers colorful and bold to attract attention.

To really attract business you could offer a free session and make sure your prices are competitive for the area.

Personal prerequisites that complement the gym business plan:– What is your motivation to start a health club?

Finding the right location is a natural result of having clear goals.

– Students who value low prices – Ladies and gentlemen who would like to work out undisturbed in an elegant setting and relax and are willing to pay a bit more per month for this – Parents who require expert care and service for their children – Elderly people and others who want to undergo physical therapy in a private establishment Once you have set your target group, you need to go on to the market analysis of your business plan for your gym.

The market analysis is concerned with the market volume, market growth and market share.

See Step 1 below to start building your own gym from the ground up.

Start with the basics: the gym's address, open hours, what ages it's suitable for, and the equipment and classes you offer.

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