Stanford Creative Writing Program

Fellows can also become involved in Stanford’s Writer’s Studio or Poetry House, resources that undergraduates use for writing help.

Molly Mc Cully Brown ’12, an English major, completed a Levinthal Tutorial in poetry during winter quarter.

Her application consisted of ten poems and a statement of purpose.

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Admission is based solely on quality of writing samples.The fiction faculty includes Tobias Wolff, Elizabeth Tallent and Adam Johnson, and the poetry faculty consists of Eavan Boland, Ken Fields and Simone di Piero.Boland said the Stegner fellowship offers its participants the luxury of time to write.Unlike a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program, the Stegner Fellowship offers no degree.However, Boland said, “We choose people who are by now pretty well published and probably will either leave the program with a book and a contract or with a finished book. Many of the people who come here have already been in writing programs, already have their MFAs.” Boland said she believes that the Stegner Fellowship is probably the last set of workshops a Stegner fellow will ever take.Ten two-year fellowships, five in poetry and five in fiction, are given annually to allow emerging writers to develop their craft in workshops with senior faculty members at Stanford University.Each fellowship includes a ,000 annual stipend, a tuition waiver, and health insurance.“Having all this free time is this amazing gift, but you have to be able to use it well.So I think that’s a big challenge.” Boland said that another important part of the Stegner Fellowship is the interaction between the fellows.She added, “That’s a very exciting conversation for undergraduates.” Boland said she thinks that the Stegner Fellowship has a large effect not only on the undergraduate population at Stanford, but on the nation as well.“For over 60 years the program has come to have a hand in making American writing,” Boland said.

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