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At present the coverage in sports sociology, in particular the spectator phenomenon is still sketchy and thin, with many residual areas still unexplored.

Relatively few studies have explored extensively on professional sports as the major spectator activity in the modern society.

Britain today is very much shaped around leisure, sport in particular (Coakley & Pike, 2009).

The most common professional spectator sports in Britain are football, golf, rugby, hockey, badminton, tennis, cycling, motor racing and swimming (Coakley & Dunning, 2002).

Maguire et al (2002) suggested that sport and leisure activities are an integral part of social life and that they are intricately linked to politics and the society.

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Most of the football fans would visit clubs and pubs to watch popular matches such as a match between West Ham United vs Manchester United.

This essay explores on sports as a major leisure spectator activity.

Further, it examines the various ways through which sports impact on modern day leisure life.

According to Coakley & Pike (2009), Since its inception in 1877, wimbledon has become a famous tennis tournament globally with players from over 60 countries and is widely watched by millions of fans worldwide.

In the UK, tickets for Wimbledon are always on demand.

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