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But there are other factors that seem to play a greater role in how children experiencing corporal punishment develop later in life.One of the most important of these factors is the of parenting that children experience.I still see myself standing naked in the living room of our suburban New Jersey house, my heart thundering as I watched her through the screen door, rustling through the thicket of shrubbery that girdled the front porch. They left long, red welts against the skin of my butt, back, arms and legs.The switches she pulled smelled sweet and damp like the earth. If I tried to shield my head and face, she grabbed one of my arms, raised it over my head and whupped me as I bucked in a circle.

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I still carry the scars — fleshy Braille that narrates the story of my childhood. My adoptive mother, and generations of black parents like her, honestly believed that whupping children was a pillar of responsible black parenting.

quote has a meaning similar to the Bible verses — i.e., parents should discipline their children with physical punishment if they want them to turn out “right” and keep them from becoming spoiled brats or worse.

Stacey Patton provides a powerful and heartbreaking look at the link with white supremacy why it’s time to stop hitting our children — for their sake and the future of black families. It is adapted from her forthcoming book, “Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America.”My black, middle-class adoptive mother often grumbled these words as she prepared to whup me for getting dirty, mouthing off, rolling my eyes, telling lies or any number of other childhood misbehaviors.

Though banned from most schools these days, I am old enough to remember when "the strap" was used on schoolchildren found guilty of various infractions (at least where I happened to live) and it still remains legal in various jurisdictions across the United States. states to pass no-spanking laws, many parents continue to insist on the right to use corporal punishment to discipline their own children.

As for corporal punishment in the home, parents continue to advocate its use when dealing with their own children despite being banned in some European and Latin American countries. Long regarded as a parental duty, especially in traditional cultures, advocates of corporal punishment often cite the importance of physical punishments in training children in appropriate behavior.

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