Southwest S Case Study Swot Analysis Mla Format Term Paper

The percentage increased to 38% in 2016.” In the SWOT analysis, threats are the negative external aspects to the company.

Southwest Airlines domestic operations are significantly influenced by government bodies; primarily Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (see gov).“There’s also been a dramatic shift in consumer behavior in the past three years.According to Euromonitor International’s Global Consumer Trends Survey, 25% of Americans shopped for groceries online at least once in 2013.Follow strengths by listing the weaknesses of the company.Weaknesses are internal and negative aspects of the company; keep in mind that it’s important to list and focus on weaknesses that can be changed or improved upon.To assess the macro-environment of Southwest Airlines, a PESTEL analysis will be used.By assessing the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors, the Opportunities and Threats can be faced by a company can be identified.Euromonitor International’s research identifies opportunities or threats in your industry or market, allowing you to create a more robust SWOT analysis.To learn more about Euromonitor International’s research tools and how we can help you with your business strategy, contact us.In the opportunities section, be sure to include positive external facts such as market growth opportunities or consumer trends that might impact your company.It is also important to think about how can you use the company strengths to increase opportunities.

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