South African Apartheid Essay Alice Wlaker And Critical Essays And The Color Purple

This, however, also resulted in a disjuncture with the past struggles that created tensions and blindspots for both movements.In the case of Black Consciousness there was initially no overt challenge to the historical leaders of the struggle, who were jailed on Robben Island.He moved to Durban in 1970 to take a permanent position at the University of Natal.

For New Left activists – who saw society through the lens of class struggle – it was assumed that the end of apartheid would coincide with definite measures to ensure the attainment of a more egalitarian society.South Africa is in many ways a very different country to that envisaged by political activists of the 1970s.For one, the equitable society they anticipated would replace apartheid remains a chimera.The New Left was critical of both capitalism and state communism and instead sought to engage with socialist ideas in an independent and reflexive way.Those associated with it sought to work within the ambit of the law, using the means at their disposal to bring about social change.It is present in subtle but powerful ways – in ideas, scholarship, people and non governmental organisations, in newspapers such as the Mail & Guardian, and in its facilitation of the emergence of the labour movement.But, there is a deep cleavage with those who constituted this 1970s New Left and the current labour movement, led by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) since 1985.Turner left South Africa for France in 1963 to study for his doctorate in philosophy at the Sorbonne.He returned to South Africa in 1966 and emerged as a student leader at the 1968 UCT sit in.In a curious way, the apartheid state created the conditions for both movements through its repression of black nationalist political parties and communism.This aided the independent engagement by young South Africans with the political questions that confronted them.

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