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Music was changing and black jazz musicians were finally getting recorded.Their lyrics and frantic style mirrored the fast-paced style of places like New York and Chicago.3.You can even look at the websites of libraries that are not near you.Many times university libraries work together, and you can order materials from one university to be loaned out to one you attend.

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By their nature, secondary sources are written after an event takes place.

I’m here to tell you all about how to find primary sources for your history essay.

To make more sense of this definition, let’s break it down.1.

The main reason why primary sources are so important is because they allow you to see the thoughts and actions of the people you’re writing about. Now that you know generally what you’re looking for, we’ll get into the important part–how to find primary sources.

If you use nothing but secondary sources, you’re taking other people’s word for it. The internet has made this incredibly easy, but because it’s only been popular for a couple of decades, technology has not caught up to the amount of documentation that needs to be digitized.

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