Sound Resynthesis

The note range C4-C5 also tends to work best for single sounds stretched across the keyboard.

If you intend to have multiple Keyboard Zones use a sample that is in the middle of the Keyboard Zone range that it will serve (the same principle that is applied to multi-sample patches on samplers).

If desired you can change the import resolution by selecting the RESOLUTION (Normal, High, Best) options in combination with the 'Import charged sample' step.

Sound Resynthesis-72Sound Resynthesis-72

Pad/String sounds are a good example to start with as they are usually the easiest to resynthesize. Reverb or delay effects are difficult for the resynthesis algorithm to interpret and often sound strange.Always 'Import charged sample' (described below) to hear the final resynthesized sound.The most accurate resynthesis will usually require your input, nothing can beat the human ear when matching sounds.TEST - Starts/Stops a looped play-back of the original and resynthesized 'preview' sound.NOTE: The resynthesized sound heard here is a preview only (in order to reduce CPU load for testing).The optimization criterion in VAEs being the sum of the reconstruction error and a regularization term, it naturally leads to a lower reconstruction accuracy than DAEs but we show that VAEs are still able to outperform PCA while providing a low-dimensional latent space with nice "usability" properties.We also provide corresponding objective measures of perceptual audio quality (PEMO-Q scores), which generally correlate well with the reconstruction error.OR if you need to preserve Detune on other Spectra...6.4 In the breakpoint menu, first select 'Copy Breakpoint', then select 'Paste current view to all breakpoints'.The Resynthesis function takes an input sample and recreates the sound as a 'Spectrum' that is a series of Breakpoints.Each Breakpoint represents a harmonic 'snapshot' of the sound at a given moment in time.

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