Sonny'S Blues Harlem Essay

Nonetheless, the stories in the collection, “Sonny’s Blues” in particular, demonstrate Baldwin’s ability to transform his social and political concerns into art.In “Sonny’s Blues,” Baldwin takes on Harlem’s deterioration, religion, drug addiction, and post–World War II America all at the same time.

Despite the success of his essays, Baldwin had yet to fulfill his dream of publishing a novel.The narrator repeatedly associates light with the desire to articulate or give form to the needs and passions that arise out of inner darkness.He also opposes light as an idea of order to darkness in the world, the chaos that adults endure, but of which they normally cannot speak to children.In December 1987, at age sixty-three, Baldwin died of stomach cancer at his home in the south of France.Baldwin emphasizes the theme of opposition between the chaotic world and the human need for community with a series of opposing images, especially darkness and light.Go Tell It on the Mountain brought Baldwin wide recognition.The novel was nominated for a National Book Award and brought Baldwin into the forefront of American literature.In 1951, he retreated to a small village in the Swiss Alps to write what would become his first and most celebrated novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain.Highly autobiographical, the novel is set in the Harlem of Baldwin’s youth and concerns the religious salvation of a young man, John Grimes, and his problematic relationship with his stepfather.Baldwin’s mother, after being abandoned by Baldwin’s legitimate father, worked as a domestic servant and eventually married David Baldwin, a preacher whose strong influence on his stepson was evident not only in James Baldwin’s writing but also in his strong religious devotion.While still a teenager, Baldwin experienced a religious epiphany that led him to become a preacher, an experience that Baldwin used as the basis for his most famous novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain (1952), and incorporated into his play The Amen Corner (1968) and much of his other writing. He had a difficult relationship with his stepfather, and while attending De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx, he grew to accept his homosexuality, further complicating his role in the church.

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