Solving Right Triangles Problems

She realizes that the slope she has just calculated is also the tangent of the angle she wants.

If we know the tangent of an angle, can we find the angle?

She happens to have a tape measure and her calculator with her, and finds that the slide is 77 inches high and covers a horizontal distance of 136 inches, as shown below.

The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, the one opposite the right angle.

The screen’s height and width make up two legs of a right triangle with the diagonal as the hypotenuse.

The problem gives us the length of the hypotenuse and one of the legs.

Knowing the right angle will also tell you which side is the hypotenuse, since the hypotenuse will always stand opposite the right angle.

In this text, for the sake of consistency, in all triangles we will designate angle and the hypotenuse.

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