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The definition of the problem will be the focal point of all your problem-solving efforts.

As such, it makes sense to devote as much attention and dedication to problem definition as possible.

What usually happens is that as soon as we have a problem to work on we’re so eager to get to solutions that we neglect spending any time refining it.

What most of us don’t realize — and what supposedly Einstein might have been alluding to — is that the quality of the solutions we come up with will be in direct proportion to the quality of the description of the problem we’re trying to solve.

But go further and test each assumption for validity: think in ways that they might not be valid and their consequences.

What you will find may surprise you: that many of those bad assumptions are self-imposed — with just a bit of scrutiny you are able to safely drop them.

Thinking outside the box, no matter how cliché, is oftentimes a necessary and extremely effective way to fix problems and come up with new ideas.

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Even though Einstein was best known for his work in physics, many of his lessons and famous quotes are very applicable to business as well.

When he rephrased his request as “ways to make their jobs easier”, he could barely keep up with the amount of suggestions.

Words carry strong implicit meaning and, as such, play a major role in how we perceive a problem.

That, however, does not make the decision to do so any easier for entrepreneurs and businesses.

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