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The algorithm uses a pushdown store, which is initially empty.Finding the difference between two numbers is subtraction: Express – Local = ?Plug in the information you’ve already found: Express 75 – Local 25 = 50 K5 offers free math word problem worksheets for grade 1 – 5.When Zeke was at Stony-Brook he discovered that there was a water source in a certain open field that had the best water in the world. The water source was a faucet coming out of the ground, in an otherwise empty field.I asked Zeke where the water came from, the faucet was simply connected to a pipe that came out of the ground, no label, no sign, nothing.The algorithm processes each input symbol as follows: If the top of the pushdown is and , then pop off the top of the pushdown; if not, then push onto the pushdown. When there is no more input symbols accept only if the pushdown is empty.The algorithm clearly runs in linear time, and it is not hard to show that it is correct.Zeke Zalcstein worked, before he retired a few years ago, on the boundary between mathematics and computational complexity.He started his career in mathematics, and then Zeke moved into computational complexity theory.The easiest way to show this process is in a few examples. Here’s an example that involves multiplication and division: The height of a house is half as long as its width, and the width of the house is 80 feet. From the word equation, you know the following: Width = 80Height = Width ÷ 2 Plug in numbers for the words: Height = Width 80 ÷ 2 = 40 Sometimes the word problem requires setting up more than one equation.The most important part is not to try to get to the answer too fast, but rather to write down each piece of information. The express train is moving three times faster than the local train.

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  1. You would use your subjective observation skills, some data from previous years, and maybe do some research about the high schools which the applicants attend, to get a better understanding of which applicant's grades mean a little more than the others.