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But, when it comes to finding the ideal approach, or the perfect process for solving any of the dozens of problems faced by the modern business, things get complicated.

means “signboard” or “billboard” in Japanese, and it’s a concept most commonly applied to “lean” or “just in time” production.

That might make it seem like an unusual fit for the automotive industry, but Toyota recognized an important truth: Automobiles are, in their own special way, perishable goods.

New models regularly displace older ones, and unsold, outdated cars are an expensive millstone to have to keep around.“One of the main principles…is the goal of eliminating bottlenecks by imposing realistic limits on how much work is in progress, how much work is requested, and how much work is held off on the back burner.

Maybe that means testing that your waterproof packaging is actually waterproof before your customers come back and complain that it’s not; maybe that means having a group of free or reduced-fee customers play around on your beta platform before debuting your service.So what does scrum look like in the modern workplace?Classically, it begins by breaking down a week’s worth of tasks into smaller priorities.Colleagues and advisers with diverse backgrounds, ages, and experiences will help you to predict problems you might not have considered otherwise, and also address them with alternative solutions.With things like credit card fraud or cybersecurity (which are certainly big problems!It’s a system best demonstrated with an example, so let’s turn our attention to the Toyota Corporation circa 1940.In this arena, they observed a deceptively simple relationship between customers and the stores they shopped in: customers traditionally retrieve only the items they need when they need them; in turn, stores stock only what customers need at any given time. This is exactly what is meant by “just in time” production, and it’s crucial in any industry where perishable goods are involved.If you don’t know what’s actually happening within your organization, you won’t be able to see potential issues and anticipate complications that could arise as a result.Additionally, not being tapped into all the parts of your company means situations that could easily be contained may spiral out of control before you’re even able to touch them.But don’t talk to just “any people”—talk to your people.Make sure the lines of communication are open in your business.

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