Solution Focused Brief Therapy Essay

For this to happen, the therapist lets the client present the problem while he/she takes an unknowing or curious stance.

Reasons for picking the Strategic Family Therapy Theory for the Case of Joe and Beth First, choosing Solution-Focused Family Therapy for the Joe Beth case is because of its approach and technique.

In this case, both have agreed on a divorce, and; therefore, Solution-Focused Family Therapy is ideal because focuses on what the client wants or where the client wants to go and not on the clients past, or causes of the problems (Nelson, 2010).

For this to happen, there is a need to let the client present the problem without having any intentions of understanding the cause of the problem or any pre-conceived ideas about the client’s problem.

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy, where all members of a nuclear family participate, with the aim of working out the communication issue that run amongst them.How it fits into the theory’s definition of “normal family development” Solution-Focused Family Therapy does not agree with the concept of normal family development.This is because; Solution-Focused Family Therapy focuses more on solving problems while it disregards understanding what cause problems.The following paper will explore the method of solution focused therapy through first presenting an overview of its history and basic concepts, and then going through the principles of the model and how it is related to the theory of change.The method will be contextualized through family therapy and through examples that are given so that the model can be understood in relationship to real world applications.This is because it primarily focuses on the possible solutions to the problems (Burwell & Chen, 2006).Additionally, it lies within the realms of brief therapy where the least time possible is used to create lasting solutions (Budman, & Gurman, 2002).Solution focused therapy can be used to address a wide variety of......?Family Therapy session with Jim and Pam of the TV show, The Office (US) (2005) Family Therapy session with Jim and Pam of the TVshow, The Office (US) (2005) Family therapy sessions with Jim and Pam required a family therapy model that considered the inner experiences of the clients.Firstly, the two seem extremely compatible, even before the therapy sessions I congratulated them for seeking to overcome the difficulties they were experiencing in their relationship.From a historical perspective of the relationship of Jim and Pam, I also realized they had developed a bond and friendship, Compare and contrast different views of systems in Structural, Milan Systemic and Narrative family therapy models; in this regard, both the similarities and differences in the family therapy models of the said systems will be analyzed.

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