Soft Play Business Plan Too Much Homework Facts

and negative experiences around safety can put companies at risk for poor reviews which can potentially devastate reputations.

Register the business as a limited liability corporation that offers protection on the liability of assets so all your bases are covered in case of crisis or emergency.

Oh and by the way customers make a constant mess, blocked toilets, vomit etc !!

I think you have the message its not gloss and what might be nice for customers isn't always healthy for the business.

Please get an independant study done on your business proposal, that looks at demographics, competition (and not just other soft play centres).

Do not let the manufacturer give you this sort of advice or prepare your business plan as the want to sell you play equipment!

This shouldn't impact your goals greatly, but knowing what your competitors are doing help you determine any gaps in your offerings that are needed or desired by customers.Be warned on the outside soft play centres look like a fabulous business.During school hols and wet weekends they look packed and everybody thinks the owners must be rolling in it!Once the playground idea is developed, it's quite likely the business will need ancillary services for when the children aren't on the playground and for the parents who are with them.Consider adding a snack bar, video games, Wi Fi, vending machines and other fun activities that will keep customers on site for longer.But for those starting from scratch, coming up with something that hasn't been experienced before in an indoor playground is key.Kids are smart and they want new and different activities."Play centres generally have large setup costs, low profitability and relatively poor returns on capital" The overheads on these places have dramitcally increased eg minimum wage, business rates, utility bills, and insurance premiums all that you have no control over.All of these pressures and then you are dealing with the general public - stressful at times and you can not please all the people all the time.PS - It sounds like I am moaning but actually I succesfully run 3 playcentres and I think too many people are going into opening playcentres without knowing the whole truth, investing vast sums of money and many people are regretting doing it but are so tied up with the finance they can not walk away. Know the likes and dislikes of whatever age group you decide to serve.

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