Sociology Breaching Experiment Essay

You act like both of you are talking about something important. Then, act as if the both of you are holding a very thin and delicate cotton string in your fingertips, each one of you holding one end of it. ', as a response to every statement, students were asked to continue the conversation. Now, start to move away, very slowly, so that people feel that you are holding something very precious.

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Breaching of norms has to be a deliberate act though; it is not an issue of conflicting opinions leading to disobedience of a given norm. ' can be replied to in an exhilarating manner, like 'I didn't see any 'it' going'.

You can try troubling others with the following ideas.- To a casual question like 'what's up? When people are not really interested in knowing about you, and they still ask those questions, you may actually stop them and really explain to them some random event going on in your life.

(Be very sure about who you want to experiment with this though!

You would notice, it is very easy to create social norms. Then she answered in a hostile way: 'What do you mean?

Here are some examples of interpersonal conversations, mentioned in ethnomethodology literature as case studies of experimentation given by Garfinkel.

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