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Going to Disney World is one of my favourite childhood memories.” “It’s the opposite for me with Justin Bieber. If you contributed your expanding knowledge of sociological research to this conversation, you might make statements like these: “Justin Bieber’s fans long for an escape from the boredom of real teenage life.Seeing people camp out outside his hotel just to get a glimpse of him; it doesn’t make sense.” “Well, you’re not a teenage girl.” “Going to a theme park is way different than trying to see a teenage heart throb.” “But both are things people do for the same reason: they’re looking for a good time.” “If you call getting crushed by a crowd of strangers fun.” As your classmates at the lunch table discuss what they know or believe, the two topics converge. Beliebers join together claiming they want romance, except what they really want is a safe place to explore the confusion of teenage sexual feelings.” And this: “Mickey Mouse is a larger-than-life cartoon celebrity.Sociologists make use of tried-and-true methods of research, such as experiments, surveys, field research, and textual analysis.

To mediate these concerns, sociologists rely on systematic research processes.

When sociologists apply the sociological perspective and begin to ask questions, no topic is off limits.

Every aspect of human behaviour is a source of possible investigation.

” As you begin to think like a sociologist, you may notice that you have tapped into your observation skills.

You might assume that your observations and insights are valuable and accurate.

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