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As the above example demonstrates, sociobiologists are engaged in the construction and evaluation of theoretical models of evolutionary change and in the empirical testing of aspects of those models for particular cases.The result is an expansion of standard Darwinian evolutionary theory (which traditionally explains morphological adaptation) to a new domain: namely, animal sociality.This notorious book outlines several possible human rape adaptations, virtually all of which concern reproductive strategies.The works of such authors have been criticized by the social sciences, including feminist academics like Susan Brownmiller, who claim that rape is not about sex, but power and domination (Thompson, 2009).It takes sociobiology as well as its critics seriously.

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Critics of sociobiology often complain that its reliance on genetic determinism, especially of human behavior, provides tacit approval of the status quo.

Meanwhile, many sociobiology supporters, including Thornhill and Palmer (2000), maintain that rape is about sexual desire, and claim that the social sciences lack merit in their research on rape because their theories do not consider the evolutionary causes of human behaviour (p. As this essay will demonstrate, both cultural and evolutionary forces have been shown to have considerable effects on the occurrence of rape.

Therefore, I argue for an integration of both approaches in order to successfully understand and thus potentially prevent and eradicate rape.

For these reasons, sexual minorities should be cautious about embracing biological arguments in order to secure greater social and political freedoms.

As sociobiology is based on the theory of evolution, Wilson’s book analyzed the social behaviour of animals, thus asserting that their social adaptations can be compared to the social behaviours of human-beings (Clark, 1991).

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