Smart Thinking Skills For Critical Understanding Problem Solving In Computer Science

It’s important for us to create a more rigorous reading curriculum in order to increase a student’s ability to connect to a story. The problem in reading classrooms is that students are not learning how to think critically.

Critical thinking is a higher order thought process that is focused and logical and its polar opposite is creativity, an uninhibited and unpredictable way of thinking.

I used Antoine de Sainte-Exupery’s to prototype the curriculum.

Google Docs is an important tool to ensure that all of the students are part of that process and end up on the same page.

It can be used in and out of class should collaboration time run short.

This is a great tool that inspires students to extend their graphic organizers beyond words and into graphics.

Brainstorming and outlining are crucial steps in the writing process especially when students are collaborating in small groups on a story.

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