Small Winery Business Plan

The common wisdom in the wine industry these days is that the big producers are going to keep getting bigger by gulping down the mid-size producers.

But if you are a small producer and do it right, it's possible to survive and even thrive in the wine market.

We then thin when necessary during the growing season.

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After working for a few years at Firestone Winery in Santa Barbara County, she started her own company in 1984.

"But even more important to my decision are the circumstances supporting Hanzell's persistence for a half century. The current owner is young, and his family has owned the property for 30 years.

The stability of Hanzell speaks to its longevity, and encourages me to settle in for a long run." Anyone who has followed Lane Tanner's career knows that she is a bit of a maverick.

So costs are very high for the intensive needlepoint farming vine-by-vine, to winemaking block-by-block to barrel-by-barrel lot." On the issue of costs, Arnold said if one has a short-term view of gross profit margins or short-term return on investment, he should get out of the business.

"We have a very long-term approach adopted by our young owner with support of his business trustees.

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