Small Organic Farm Business Plan

For example, it would be silly for a vegetarian to start raising livestock for food and it would be nuts for someone who hates alcohol to grow organic grapes for wine.Everyone, new and experienced farmers alike, have strengths and weaknesses. To help you calculate the basics of your situation, I’ll outline the areas that cost money up front, and I’ll provide a basic guide for your own farm so you can pick and choose what you need.

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As you research organic farming begin to define some broad goals for yourself.

You'll need to decide how to operate, either as a sole proprietorship or by forming a S- or C- corporation, or maybe you want a limited liability company (LLC). Other licensing issues to consider include: Almost every consideration above is affected by a single major issue - farm financing.

Without money, it's going to be tough to start an organic farm.

Either choice is fine, but there are gigantic difference between running a farm for business or for pleasure or another personal reason.

If all your reasons for organic farming involve helping others before yourself or if your goal is only to grow enough food for your family, you're likely interested in a hobby farm or small family farming or even simply organic gardening, not business farming.

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