Sketches And Essays William Hazlitt

After his return he made a tour in the north and painted some portraits, including those of Hartley Coleridge and Wordsworth. His other works, though honest task-work, were not calculated to win popularity.Wordsworth's portrait was destroyed as unsatisfactory. Although Hazlitt acquired, and always preserved, a strong love of the art, he gradually became convinced that he could not succeed so far as to satisfy his own ambition. Meanwhile he had been falling in love at short intervals, and with a want of success which left some permanent pangs.He was chosen minister at Wisbeach in 1764; at Marshfield, Gloucestershire, in 1766; at Maidstone in 1770–1, where he frequently met Dr. He is said to have founded the first unitarian church in Boston, Massachusetts.In 1786–7 he returned, and settled at Wem in Shropshire, and while there published three volumes of sermons.In the Lakes the deceitful daughter of a farmer led him into a flirtation which seems to have ended in his being ducked in the village brook (, i.137, where the letter from Mary Lamb seems to be inconsistent with Mr.His reading was necessarily fragmentary in youth, and he confessed frankly to the many blanks which he never filled. William, who had also shown early artistic tastes, resolved to follow his brother's profession. Horne Tooke,’ which, however, did not appear till 1810.

Cooke's ‘British Novelists’ introduced him to Fielding, Smollett, and Richardson; he had much of Shakespeare at his fingers' ends, and was fond of Boccaccio. His brother John had studied under Reynolds, exhibited in the Academy from 1788, and was getting into fair practice as a miniature-painter. The most interesting was the portrait of Lamb as a Venetian senator, executed probably in 1805 (now in the National Portrait Gallery). In 1808 he prepared a grammar, embodying the ‘discoveries of Mr.

In 1791 the ‘Shrewsbury Chronicle’ inserted a letter from him upon the persecution of Priestley at Birmingham.

At the age of fifteen he was sent to the unitarian college at Hackney to prepare for the ministry.

Hazlitt, accordingly, in the following spring went to see Coleridge at Stowey, passed three weeks there, made an excursion with Coleridge to Lynton and met Wordsworth.

A pamphlet published in 1806 was the result of Hazlitt's study of Coleridge's articles (of 1800) in the ‘Morning Post.’ Hazlitt now lived chiefly at his father's, and acquired most of the knowledge which was afterwards to be turned to account.

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