Six Word Essay Hemingway

We interviewed magazine editor, Larry Smith, what made him think of the idea.

Listen to the interview YOUR SIX WORD MEMOIRS Already hundreds of you have emailed your own ideas about how to sum up a life in just six words. You can also submit your writing to Smith magazine, which is already working on a second collection. Dick Hadfield Conceived,implored, employed, adored, retired, ignored.

Richard Smallbone Too many sausages, not enough sex. Jessica Kane Run over twice, thankfully still alive.

Tim Kell Saw, heard, learnt, loved, mourned, dying. Maggie Morgan Still searching around for the reins.

If you’re interested in finding some more examples for your students, a quick Google search will bring up tons of results on Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere.

After reading Hemingway’s version, it helps to take a long pause to let it sink in.

Helen Underwood Knight on white charger never showed.

Sunny Tailor Lived, loved, laughed liberally and left. Lucinda Lavelle Worked all life still paying taxes.

As a bonus, they took seconds to read, making them a major teacher win. Colin Penfold Tolerant woman took me in hand Colin Bradley Aspirations compromised by procrastination, then children. Margaret Melling Ditched the map, found better route. Trudy Evans Blankets, books, bottles, books, blankets.As I mentioned before, they work great as an assessment tool, as a way to get to know your students better, and even as artist statements.Here are some example prompts to get you started: No matter how you choose to use them, 6-word stories are a great way to sneak a little writing into your curriculum.If you’re looking for even more ideas for helping bring writing into the classroom, check out the following 3 resources!Amber Kane is a High School Art Teacher and textile designer in PA. Caroline Ryan Philosopher, fire-eater, barrister, careering through life. Una Mc Morran Unfortunately I didn't buy the t-shirt. Amber Kane is a passionate educator and practicing artist who has ten years of experience teaching art to a wide variety of students in a wide variety of settings. To learn more about Amber, click here, and please give her a warm welcome in the comment section!There is no right or wrong way to use 6-word stories.

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