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Here we discuss the different types of sources that you may wish to use when working on a research paper.The types of allowable sources may vary by course and instructor.These studies are posted by authors themselves—even though the site’s intellectual property policy states that its users should investigate whether they have the rights to share content before doing so.Research Gate, operated out of Berlin, has reportedly raised more than million in funding from the likes of the research charity the Wellcome Trust, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates since launching in 2008.A recent study looking at 500 randomly picked English journal articles from Research Gate found that 201 of those infringed on publishers’ copyright.

Research Gate, the world’s largest academic social network site with more than 13 million members, has been criticized before for facilitating the upload of paywalled papers.

“STM hopes that Research Gate will choose to work with publishers to achieve a long-term sustainable solution that makes the sharing of content simple and seamless, but importantly that respects the rights of authors and publishers,” Mabe says.

(AAAS, which publishes Insider contacted Research Gate for comment, but did not hear back by press time.

Use this checklist to determine if an article is credible or not: The Center for News Literacy makes the case for being smart consumers of online news.

"The most profound communications revolution since the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press seems to make it harder, not easier, to determine the truth.

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