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“I didn’t write it as a political film,” the filmmaker asserted.“I wasn’t trying to change anyone’s mind.” Instead, he stated that he wanted viewers to have an “experience” and to “make up their own minds.” The question is, what is it that he wants people to make up their own minds about?privileges the gang-related drama to a great extent.

Because it does the former without doing the latter, while reinforcing ugly images of Mexico that inform anti-immigrant sentiment, Joseph Nevins teaches geography at Vassar College.

In published interviews, Fukunaga makes clear that the migrant journey — specifically the dangerous odyssey by train from the Mexico-Guatemala border to the U.

S.-Mexico divide — and the violence and suffering that surround it is his intended focus.

praises the film as “an elegant, heartbreaking fable, equal parts Shakespearean tragedy, neo-Western and mob movie but without the pretension of those genres.” The movie receiving these fawning reviews is — it won the California-born and –raised Fukunaga the directing and cinematography award in the dramatic competition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It tells a visually compelling tale that takes the viewer on a gripping journey from the streets of Tapachula, Chiapas — a mid-size Mexican city on the border with Guatemala — to Mexico’s boundary with Texas.

In doing so, brings the audience into the underworld of Mexican youth gangs, one depicted as often horrifically violent, while providing a window into the grueling trip from southern Mexico taken by many Central American migrants to reach the United States.

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