Simmons College Thesis

Interestingly, librarians were perceived to be 18% friendlier in log-in reference, possibly because of the longer time of the transaction.

But being friendlier in IM transactions is an achievable goal.

Educators need to select texts beyond the traditional lists of recommended reading.

Adolescents like familiar stories and a variety of genres and formats, including read-alouds, hybrid texts, and graphic novels.

To assess programming, library officials must show how a patron is changed by the programming, not merely count how many people attended or used computers.

Providing resources and professional development about assessment can help empower staff members to accurately measure and improve the success of digital literacy efforts.

Recommendations: The author had several recommendations for libraries to succeed in providing leadership toward community proficiencies in digital literacies.

The students and their topics are: Summary: Condon explores the emergence of digital curation as a possible discipline by scoping literature, content analysis, and interviews. First, the terminology of the field is fairly well known, but a specific language has not coalesced.

This study directly compared the transcripts of IM (instant message) chat reference and log-in chat from the viewpoint of both users and librarians at a community college.

Results of the study show that both IM and log-in chat are needed for differing reasons: The IM portal is most often used for simpler questions, and the log-in portal receives research-based questions.

Lists such as those in the Common Core State Standards may not provide meaningful and enjoyable titles for many adolescents.

Students need instruction on how to select books using more information than the cover and title.

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