Should Schools Require Their Students To Wear A School Uniform Persuasive Essay Hbs Why Do You Want An Mba Essay

Although uniforms are less expensive than most pieces at stores, these families usually get second-hand pieces and the yearly investment in these clothing sets will impose a great burden on their budget.

“[D]itching school uniforms would not only cost parents more money, and would be a bad idea all around.Uniforms contribute towards one of the main purposes of education: encouraging students to value themselves and each other for the knowledge and skills they obtain.Everyone knows that kids often express them self through clothes.Individuality is still easy to explore and express through conversations, writing, art, and other methods that encourage the creativity of the student.Everyone will be free to explore their personal style after school, during weekends and holidays, so school uniforms will not repress their passion for fashion in any way.Uniforms are much cheaper than most clothes offered in the stores.A student needs only two or three uniforms per season, which means that the expenses of the parents will be drastically reduced.Such differences may lead to serious psychological consequences for the ones who feel inferior, as well as for those who earn superior positions because they wear more expensive clothes.Opponents, on the other hand, argue that the uniform will suppress the child’s individuality.Both the students and their parents will be relieved from the routine of picking clothing pieces that seem appropriate for school and work well when combined in an outfit.The fact that the student will know what to wear to school will lead to quicker preparations, so the risk of being late for school will be lower.

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