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When parents try to stop doing this, they realize that their children feel lost without them and fear that the child will stop or not do their homework well, so they continue to take charge each night.

As time goes on, they will ask more questions and it will be more difficult for them to take charge of their own tasks.Homework is a child’s task and responsibility, however, parents also play a role: that of monitoring, supporting, answering questions and ensuring that their children complete their homework but never, never should parents do homework for their children.Not doing homework for the student doesn’t mean you can’t get involved.My mom would start dinner prep, defrosting the chicken or chopping broccoli, always nearby to spell out a word or check my answers.Technically, the kitchen table was in a separate room from the oven, sink, and stove, but the only divider was an open countertop.When a parent sees their child struggling, they can offer help right away.In addition, it can be an opportunity for parents to model behavior.Homework is a basic pillar of the education system.As unpopular as it might be with some kids, most parents and teachers defend homework, saying it reinforces classroom learning, helps create good work habits and discipline, and benefits concentration and memory.Each afternoon they review the agenda, organize where their children should start, and resolve each of their children’s questions, etc.This becomes an excessive burden when combined with the various other tasks that parents have to do every day.

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