Short Essay On Tatya Tope Ib Us History Essay Questions

He not only won many victories but also confused the British general by his guerilla tactics.

While the British energy was entirely directed to search and capture Tantya Tope, he was busy organising the forces and engaging the British in minor skirmishes and ambush.

His name was then synonymous with bravery and fortitude. For days together he would be wandering in jungles, facing unimaginable difficulties and hardships but still would hoodwink the enemy.

However, he was unaware of a treacherer in his ranks and was deceived into being captured by the British on 7 April ‘1859.

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During the uprising, Tantia Tope, an expert in the original Maratha Gurilla tactics, joined the troops of Nana Saheb, leader of the revolt in Kanpur.

He helped Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi in her fight against the British forces.

The credit for making the first war of Independence a memorable event goes largely to Tantya Tope.

A man with commanding personality, Tantya Tope had courage, agility, ability to take quick decisions, zeal, foresight and fortitude.

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