Short Essay On N Poverty Deductive Research Approach Essay

They also fear that they will be attacked if they do not agree with their clients.Some women tend to get multiple sexual partners because they are in desperate need of money.Because of their low incomes, they have troubles in maintaining their health, hunger, education. It is something that many of us know about but we’re not realizing just how big of a problem it is.

South African families live in very unsatisfactory conditions.

High unemployment rates renders personal incomes even more divergent.

its economic and human damages further escalate the problems of poverty (such as increasing the mortality rate).

Oil exports contribute significantly to government revenues; it contributes 9% to the GDP, and employs only a fraction of the population.

This incongruence is compounded by the fact that oil revenue is poorly distributed among the population, with higher government spending in urban areas than rurally.

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